Saturday, 7 January 2012

First official day in kona!

So today was my first day in Kona at DTS.. it started off as most do, everyone scrambling to find a familiar face trying to make friends and wondering why they are here.. and today we learned that we are here to become completely dissatisfied with where we are , to become uncomfortable so God can come meet us and use us and direct us to where we need to be!  Most of the day was filled with welcomes and what the next three months in kona are going to look like!! It sounds as if we will find out very soon where we will be going for outreach!!  I need sleep tonight but i will post more later but i just wanted to say I have arrived and keep praying for me!!

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  1. I fell on your blog after searching for "first day in kona," and saw you posted this in january. How did your dts/outreach go? Where'd you go? What are you doing/feeling now?
    I was full-time staff there w DEEP&beyond until last month. Which dts were you in?
    My name is Scott Albecker. Just was interested to see how it went for you. :-) blessings!!